Why drink water? And how much?

We all know we need to be drinking water, right? But how much? Is there a difference in the type of water you consume? What about adding Himalayan Sea Salt to it? What about Lemon water on rising?

‘Water is by far the largest single component of the body, making up 45-75% of total body mass, depending on age and gender’ (Tortora 2011). So staying hydrated is pretty important, don’t you think so? The ways we lose fluid each day depends on our environment and activity level and disease state. We sweat during strenuous exertion or in the summer months, or during illness such as vomiting and diarrhoea. We exhale about 300mL of water vapour, we lose 100mL in faeces, the kidneys excrete 1500mLs via urine, and our skin evaporates 600mL before we even show signs of sweating (Tortora 2011). This is per day! For women, we lose an additional 100mL during menstruation.

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