april 29, 2017 · 2pm · raw&more cafe (1)Sat April 29th 2pm – 4pm

Hayden Maher – Fat Adapted Athlete – Paleo Dad

Hayden will share with us his struggles with IBS, carb loading, having kids and how encouragement from his wife to ‘give paleo a go’, improved his health and quality of life immensely.

You will also learn what paleo means to Hayden and his family, how they have used methods such as intermittent fasting, LCHF, primal foods, Keto and the GAPS protocol to find what works for Hayden and works as a family. Also you will learn Hayden’s view on mindfulness, exercise, gut health & EFM’s!

Check out Hayden and his journey on his Instagram page here.

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Healthy Cooking Demonstration & Tastings! – Nourished By Natajshia – Get Tickets HERE

Saturday 21 Jan 2017: 2pm – 4pm

Natajshia believes that part of a healthy lifestyle includes enjoying the occasional treat! Nourished by Natajshia is focused on providing healthy alternatives to traditional sweets. She believes we should be adding to our lives and taking small steps to a healthier, happier you.

Come and join Nourished by Natajshia for a live cooking demonstration at Raw&More Cafe! Natajshia will show you how you can create 5 simple and delicious desserts that are child friendly, refined sugar free, and grain free!

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You can check out more of Natajshia on her instagram page Here

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Intuitive Eating: For Health, Weight Loss and Self Awareness– Briana Bowley – Tickets to be available soon

Saturday 25 Jan 2017: 2pm


  • powerful strategies to reconnect with the body in order to better understand and provide for its needs
  • to recognize the (often unconscious) emotional patterns that lead to self-sabotage around our nutritional habits and strategies to eliminate them
  • the disadvantages of following a diet plan and how to counteract these
  • how to create a strong, unshakeable relationship with food and your body
  • to understand the opportunity our relationship with food and our body creates for consistent growth, self-development and self-awareness

About Briana

Briana Bowley is a Human Potential Coach, Speaker and Writer who is driven to educate and empower individuals into leading a more fulfilling, purposeful and adventurous life. Briana runs a location-free coaching and consulting business supporting athletes, business-owners and the world’s go-getters in achieving their wildest dreams!

With her vast, comprehensive knowledge of the mind-body connection, Neuroscience and Quantum Physics, Briana aims to inspire others to consider the possibilities of what is possible in their own lives and to take action and ownership of the infinite power within!