Adelaide Paleo

Moving to Adelaide I found it very difficult to find like-minded people to inspire and keep me motivated and to learn from.

After a few trips back to Brisbane, I become involved with Brisbane Family Paleo meetup group as they hosted quite a few events I attended when up visiting family.

I came back and created a branch of Brisbane Family Paleo; Adelaide Paleo.

My intention was to be able to organise and provide local events for those interested, and casual get togethers so we could all get to know each other and provide support to each other.

Paleo to me is more an understanding that real food is necessary for healthy body and longevity. As well as incorporating time outside in the world, discovering and finding new places, hiking, walking, growing veggies in your garden, biking and going to the beach. It really is a lifestyle and getting back to the roots of what life is about. After all, paleo is really just a label, and when looking at it, it’s just how my grandparents and great-grandparents lived. Pete Evans says this “Paleo is about eating small amounts of meat, an abundance of vegetables and embracing fat”.

They grew food, they ate seasonally, they ate what was available and had little to no waste. They were fit and outdoors often and scrubbed kitchen floors and baked all day and raised children who grew up outdoors and with real books and taught them life skills like sewing on buttons or darning socks because they didn’t just throw things out. They accepted hand me downs from family and bought second hand or used inherited furniture which lasted forever. I think we remember that, not just for our peace of mind and to declutter and destress but for the environment and planet which is now covered in rubbish and indestructible plastic.

So whether you are vegan, or vegetarian, or gluten free or paleo-ish or whole30, or whatever label it is, Adelaide Paleo has some great events that you might find interesting, and with over 2000 members you will be sure to meet some people to share your interests with and make some new friends.

So check out the event link on this blog, or meetup, facebook, the private facebook group or instagram to see what Adelaide Paleo is about.