EVENT: Being a Fat Adapted Athlete…


I am so super super excited to bring you this event (as part of Adelaide Paleo). This semester one of my subjects has been Sports Nutrition. We have lost half the class. It is not at all what we expected to be learning when studying sports nutrition at a natural therapy college, it is heavily dietetic based and not much is promoted in the way of real food or the alternative of being a fat adapted athlete, just lots of talk on carb loading and jelly babies….

I had been following Hayden via his instagram @irunonfat for some time and I reached out to ask more of his story and to see if he would be interested in sharing more with me and others who may be interested. I saw how committed Hayden was to this lifestyle and his successes with his athletic endeavours also so I was super excited when he said yes and when I heard more of his amazing story!!

I can’t wait for you all to hear it too!!!

Sat April 29th 2pm – 4pm

Hayden Maher – Fat Adapted Athlete – Paleo Dad

Hayden will share with us his struggles with IBS, carb loading, having kids and how encouragement from his wife to ‘give paleo a go’, improved his health and quality of life immensely.

You will also learn what paleo means to Hayden and his family, how they have used methods such as intermittent fasting, LCHF, primal foods, Keto and the GAPS protocol to find what works for Hayden and works as a family. Also you will learn Hayden’s view on mindfulness, exercise, gut health & EFM’s!

Check out Hayden and his journey on his Instagram page here.

All ticket holders will also receive 10% off at Raw&More on the day!

Tickets – $15 pp (+ booking fee) – SECURE YOUR TICKETS HERE


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