Winning in 2017

Well, well, well it has come to 2017 and every single person I have spoken to is excited for what this year will bring. It seems everyone has big plans and expectations to fill the next 12 months. The question is though, does everyone know how to achieve all their goals and dreams?

The art of goal setting is delicate, rough, calculated, risky, scary and yet exciting all bundled into one tight little package! The act of achieving goals though, is a total different story, a rarity for some yet it is so simple to do! Here I will share with you 5 tips on how to set goals, smash goals and progress further in your life than you thought possible!

Step 1. What is your goal – The first point of setting a goal is knowing what you want to achieve. This can be anything, no matter how farfetched or small it is. Whatever it is you will need to be able to visualise it though! Visualising is a fine art which can be used to your advantage in any situation. Every successful person in life uses visualisation techniques. When you are visualising you need to be right there in the moment of achieving it and you must be aware of everything in the scene with all your senses such as smells, colours, tastes, sights and feelings. So knowing what you want to achieve and visualising it is the first step.

Step 2. Why – Knowing why you want to achieve certain goals is step 2, without knowing why you want something then why would you go out and achieve it? To find out why you want to achieve a goal, ask yourself these questions and continue to answer them consecutively, even if you repeat answers it doesn’t matter as it all will give you a clearer picture into why you want to achieve your goals…
Why do you want this Goal? What does it give you?
And why do you want that? What does that give you?
And why do you want that? What does that give you?
And why do you want that? What does that give you?
What will this goal help you feel?
Once you know the answers to your why, being able to visualise why you want to achieve your goals is going to mean the difference between achieving them or not!

Step 3. Who do you need to become or who do you need to get in contact with to achieve your goals? When you visualise achieving your goals, take note of who you have become and who is around you! This is one of the most powerful steps as you will not be able to become healthy if you are always hanging out at the local fast food restaurant with unhealthy people. If you want to become healthy, think where do you need to hang out and who do you have to meet? Write these down and set out to visit those places and meet those people.

Step 4. How are you going to achieve your goals? This is step 4 because the how will come after you work out the rest. Once you know what, why & who the how will fall into place. If you want something bad enough you will work out any way possible to get it. Visualising how you are going to achieve your goal will make the process so much easier, because in your reality you have already done it before countless times in your visualisations! The how may change as time goes by as well so don’t be stuck on this step and just trust your mind and body in knowing how to get what you want! This is also one of the most important steps, without knowing how then you would be paralysed and not act. This is an action step that you need to take action with, so without this step you would just be dreaming. The difference between dreaming and achieving is taking action!

Step 5. When are you going to achieve the goals by! This is the final step and for some people the most important. Most people need deadlines (I know I do) to be able to push hard and finish projects. It’s the same with goals. If you set a time limit for you to achieve the goal, then you will work harder to get there in the end, won’t you? This is not final and circumstances may change, so this can be adjusted. As long as there is a deadline there when you set the goals and revisit them then it will always be in the back of your mind to get it done!

So it’s that simple! Be sure to break down goals into segments and create little action steps for each segment. So if you set a 12 month goal, break that down into 6 month, 3 month, 1 month and weekly goals whilst adhering to the steps above! Make sure you revisit your goals, mission statement and life purpose regularly and adjust accordingly! As time goes on and you achieve the little goals and your final goal may be pushed bigger or in another direction. SO keeping on top of your goals will determine how successful you are or not!

If you would like to learn any more about goal setting, finding your life purpose, finding your passions and living them or how you can help others then please get in contact with BPM Holistic Wellness today.

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