Happy New Year

Welcome 2017!!! Wow, I love new years… it gives me hope that things can be different, that I can be better, and that hope is what drives me.

I love to set goals. I love lists. These two things work well together. Do I accomplish them all? No… Do some rollover to another year? Yes… I’m only one person but it does help to direct my attention to what I want to achieve and what drives me to keep going when things get crappy!

I have a list of business goals, personal goals, spiritual goals, and parenting goals for this year. Some things from my lists include: attending church every Sunday with my son, getting up at 5am with my son instead of turning on the tv for him and going back to bed, journalling daily, daily meditation, finish my website and branding, finish this course and that course etc….

You can be as detailed as you like. Aim high but realistic. Use a vision board for the real real big ones!


Let me know how  you keep motivated to keep going during the year? How do you record your goals?

xx Stacey

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