Pregnancy – each one is different

OMG I’m super excited to describe how different this pregnancy is.

Ok, if you don’t already know I was lucky enough to do two rounds of IVF (one full cycle and one frozen) and gave birth on the due date to a beautiful baby boy at 8lbs6oz. Sounds like a dream come true right? Wrong – I mean the end result was but during and after…argh…terrible. Im not complaining or whinging but I am about to describe what it was like and compare it to this pregnancy.

Before my first pregnancy, I had a rough start to my marriage, depressed, I had to quit my Federal Government job because my Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue got unbelievably unbearable, I had a fall out with my family and then we moved from Brisbane to Adelaide, and then I found out or was told, due to my health history and the amount of laparoscopies for Endometriosis I’d had, that I would need and alway need assisted reproductive or IVF to conceive.

So I started IVF being overweight by 25kgs (based on my wedding day weight), feeling pathetic and like a loser (not being able to achieve the most basic, and simple task of a female body), unhappy with life and marriage and my body not doing what I wanted it to do. After the first round failed, it took me about 6 mths to work up the courage to do it again with my one little embryo that was on ice – waiting.

In between cycles, I had had enough! I researched and had a few online appointments with Nat Kringoudis and used her awesome Fertility ebook as a guide and reference. I lost 10kgs and changed my diet. Round 2 came along and it worked. Yay!!


This is no longer available and I believe is now part of Well & Good

Apart from all the extra hormones I had to inject and pessaries to pop up my V and the daily blood tests, it was all good, yep I had morning sickness until about 20 weeks, not physical vomiting just relentless nausea and tender bosums. Then the carpal tunnel set in and left me sobbing every night and morning because of the pain, and SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) left me not wanting to walk anywhere, it was only pride that made me not be in a wheelchair. I also stood up one day after sitting cross-legged on the lounge and heard a snap/crack, yep I tore two tendons from the bone on my ankle – thanks relaxin (the hormone that makes you stretchy in pregnancy)!

By the time I was about to give birth, I had put on 46kilos!! I’m pretty sure me and my baby were about 96% mcnugget as well, since I couldn’t cook for a long time and no one in the house was capable of learning how or could cook!


So get the idea, sucky suck suckity of a pregnancy. Victor was born 14hrs later after arriving at hospital, with a few minor issues and crappy health his first year.


Pregnancy two, a mega surprise!! My son was 2.5yrs, I had lost 64kgs, worked on healing my gut with Kale Brock, had intensive and then regular Chiropractic, eventually changed to 98% paleo, was happy, had a best friend again, and was loving life, was back studying but full-time (first time ever) and starting to run Adelaide Paleo and help others via Wellness Coaching for Kale Brock’s Gut Healing Protocol, and I had reduced my pain killers (Tramadol) from 400mg to 50mg by seeing my fav student Naturopath at the Wellnation Clinic at Uni and taking a herbal pain relief/withdrawal remedy! So life was good!! Apparently happiness and healing your body are a recipe for pregnancy (for me anyway)!


Ok, so after the initial shock which lasted a few months, and the physical vomiting with morning sickness I had finally accepted that yep, I’m having a baby with my best friend. So apart from that, I’ve so far put on 1kg (not even trying), this baby is not made of mcnuggets, but I have indulged in a few things I don’t usually and sometimes those few days turn into weeks. Pain medication wise I am back up to 200mg but am back on my herbal remedy to reduce it down and wean off it completely before he is born as he will suffer from withdrawls for about 2 weeks. To make this happen I know deep down I need to be stricter on my food choices, because I notice how much my pain amps up when I make poor choices. Exercise wise I am training nearly everyday and very active. Studying personal training helps but also because it does actually make me feel better, whereas before, exercise and moving in general exacerbated my pain condition.

I am now 5.5mths pregnant, size 6-8 and 67kgs, so only time will tell how everything will go this time….



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