This one day I pooped parasites!

I listened to a podcast on one of the Wellness Couch’s shows, the Kale Brock Show about the gut microbiome and this thing called the biofilm with Kirsty Wirth (whom I then met the other night at Kale’s Heal Your Gut talk). It immediately sparked an interest in me and I quickly got on to researching all about gut biofilms and what other biofilms there are in our body, and what I can do about it.

Biofilm – What is it?

In the words of it’s a ‘slimey goo then ensures microbial survival’. You know that coating you get on your teeth. That’s the start of biofilm. But the one I’m talking about is in your gut. It’s made my microscopic  creatures who create this film to protect themselves and boy does it. This stuff and usually so impenetrable that you need some mega strength a-bomb like antibiotics to get rid of it just to kill the bad bacteria and organisms living in it, to get healthy again.

So I started researching all this. I knew I couldn’t go down Kirsty’s path and I wanted to see (since I’m a Naturopath student) what I could do about it.

After a lengthy few discussions with various people that have in in depth knowledge on all things gut and an aromatherapist trained in France where they teach medical aromatherapy (the ingestion of oils), I decided to get some pure good quality Tea Tree and Palmarosa Essential Oil. That’s where the disclaimer comes in!!

Disclaimer: This is a personal blog and it is all based on my opinion and some clinical studies where listed. Sometimes I experiment on myself using things that are not recommend in Australia for internal use as they are classed as poisons. Please note I am not suggesting you do what I do, but I am sharing this info so you can research and discover there is more out there than we are told and exposed to! My opinion is just that and is not representative of any affiliate relationships. Please don’t do anything without speaking to your medical doctor!

I took these in capsule form twice a day for a whole month. It had to be a whole month due to the lifecycle of the common human parasitic infection.



I started on the Friday and on Sunday I pooped as per usual, I took a look, I’m a curious one, and sticking right out of the well formed log was a big long white thread nearly an inch long, and another and another. It was a threadworm, a female one eew, but it was also so very very cool. I flushed and messaged my Mum (lucky her), and a few other people. Then couldn’t contain my excitement and told people at uni haha. Yep go ahead, you can call me unique or quirky even. I love the human body. It clearly fascinates me.


I kept going for the entire month, it may have just been the placebo effect of seeing something foreign leave my body, but I felt lighter, my tummy was getting less bloated after food, my head felt clearer and not so foggy and I was happy. I mean really happy.

Ok, Ok don’t panic. Everyone has a parasite of some sort, they’re everywhere, you breath them in even on the wind. It just means you need to clean house on a regular basis.

Next post I’ll discuss the most common human parasites and what oils are most suitable and symptoms besides the itchy anus at night. Also alternative treatment for parasites other than essential oils, as most essential oils treat only one parasite at a time, where there are some oils that can treat up to 12!!


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