So what did I eat?

My sister finally emailed me my fatty pics from when my son was around 3 months old and our first flight to Brisbane to see my family.

There you go. Violet Beauregard at 116kilos and 1.68m tall! But you know ‘I carried it well’ and ‘have a pretty face’, so it’s not all that bad, right! 

So after the 6 weeks after giving birth and breast feeding and being fed crap. I went LCHF and into ketosis- meaning I started burning fat for energy (like we are meant to) and not glucose (like we should when we are running away from dinosaurs or tigers).

How? I needed a boost and I wanted to lose a bit of weight to keep me motivated fast and I knew this worked for me as I had done it before. Listen to your body!

To get into ketosis or become fat adapted, I either had a protein smoothie with minimal berries, added tsp coconut oil and coconut water for breakfast (Amazonia Raw Fermented Paleo Protein) or poached or cheesy scrambled eggs with sautéed spinach (yes I missed having bread that’s for sure but I have since discovered this 90 second bread recipe from Paleo Cafe’s FREE Midweek Meals eBook), or a Green Juice – which consists of celery, cucumber, ginger, lemon, kale, baby spinach, coconut water and avocado or macadamia nut oil, if you don’t have the time to make a smoothie or have precut ziplock bags of smoothie ingredients in the freezer, the next best thing is a green superfood powder. There are plenty around. My favourite is Modere Green Qi not only because it is a great source of marine greens with fruit and berry extracts, herbs and grasses but because they have put technology to work and figured out how to make it blend well and not be all lumpy!! That’s important to me. Next best product would be Foodmatters Superfoods Greens – I like adding it to cold RAW C coconut water and a squeeze of lemon juice.


Then you have a snack twice a day to begin with that consists of a three finger portion of activated nuts and cheese bites, or an apple/small piece of fruit.

Lunches were salads with lots of greens and a source of protein, or creamy coleslaw chicken salad, my gosh I’d drooling thinking about that salad right now. It was great as I’d make Mayo and store in a jar, then shred the veg for the coleslaw and pop it in a container and poach some chicken breasts and have them in a container and I’d have enough for 3 days!


Dinners consisted of a stirfry, a Thai green curry made in 10mins on the stove top, roast chicken and veg, rissoles and sweet potato mash, you get the idea.

If I wanted dessert, I would hunt the Internet for keto or LCHF desserts or mug desserts and try some out.

DO YOU THINK I WAS HUNGRY? HECK NO!!!…. I was nourished though!

I was keto for about 3months and lost 10kilos in the first month (I told you, I thrive being fat adapted), and about another 15 over the next 2 months. On average you should lose 1.5-2.5kgs a week depending on how much you have to lose. I had to measure my urine using Diastix (bought from the pharmacy in the diabetic section), first thing in the morning and after any gorges on donuts or something to see if I am back in ketosis. I found it would take maybe a day or two and more exercise to get back into it. After the first month I didn’t crave any sweet things at all, I mean at all!! As I said before, you need to be supplementing your poor undernourished body in the mean time until you get your food right…once again I use Modere.

As this blog is a work in progress and I study and have a son, and do community stuff etc I will slowly start to compile and add in recipes I loved and their links or how I tweaked them.

I’m also about to complete my Wellness Coaching course in early April, so I will be available to coach your to your goals. (I already have a Life Coaching Cert and am a 3rd year Naturopath – but you know, I like to be professional and be qualified).

If you have some great keto recipes or LCHF that you would like to share, please leave a comment below.




Metagenics Shake It: This site has a great guideline and it’s the same concept that I used and the recipes are delicious!!! Metagenics produces Inner Health and also a valuable range of Practitioner Only products.

Low Carb Down Under: There are some great videos that were recorded live during their last event; which I extended my last trip to Brisbane to go to. It was amazing and I learnt so much. It is more diabetes based, but I would suggest watching Leah Williamson, Dr Caryn Zinn,  Prof. Tim Noakes and Prof. Grant Schofield to start with.




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