You know what to do! But here’s some hints:

Since my first post with the statement that I had lost of 60kgs I have been inundated with questions and calls for help.

I’m here for you. I truly am. But you’ve got this. Deep down I know you know what to do and what needs to be done… I believe in you!

I said this to my Mum yesterday whom has struggled since having my brother (he was the second child, I’m the eldest and he was huge, huge like 12lbs), but she said what do you think about me going back on Jenny Craig. Yep my Mum! Have I taught her nothing haha. She’s tired and really just wanted an easier way. You all need to convince her to move to Adelaide so I can look after her!!!

I do know what it’s like to be something you know you are not. I knew being overweight was not me, for some people it is and that’s ok, but for me it wasn’t. I looked like Violet Beauregard from Willy Wonka when she turned into a blueberry! I was sad, depressed and lonely and hated myself. I really really hated myself and the ‘failure’ I’d become. Harsh right! We are so mean to ourselves. My thoughts have got nothing on Mean Girls.

Over the next few posts I’ll explain how I went and what stages I went through to make this lifestyle change, not diet, sustainable and lifelong.

Please remember it has taken me 2 & 1/4 years to get to where I am now. I know, I’m super impatient too but it has to be this way! Be nice to yourself, you are a truly wonderful, unique human! Time to take care of yourself and put yourself first (wow, I’ve been Foodmatters-ified from being at Foodmatters Live in Brisbane all day yesterday).

Ok, let’s get started with some small things you can start to initiate before we get down to food. It’s not just about food. You need to heal your life not just your gut.

1. Find motivation: making something sustainable means you need to be inspired to keep going everyday. I’d suggest signing up to FMTV and watching a documentary each week or when you feel unmotivated or want to give up. It’s just like a cheer-squad. Join a Meetup group or find like-minded people to be around however you find people. It’s time to make decisions that are good for you. If people throw their unwanted comments and opinions at you, remember they are not you and you wouldn’t do something that didn’t feel right for you anyway. Trust your instincts. If you have to do this alone, don’t worry, I did and you can so do it!!

2. Educate yourself: read something health or self-development related. There are so many great resources out there. Check out my list of favourite books here.


This is ONE of my actual bookcases. I’m addicted! But there are plenty online and for free too.

3. Body brush: this is so simple and literally takes 1-2mins each day. Take this time for yourself. You add on three drops of an essential oil blend or one drop of three different oils and start brushing, using long strokes towards your heart starting from the feet and working your way up. The quality of essential oils is very important and I’d suggest only using Twenty8 or OneHeartBe. Go with your intuition on which ones to use or go with a detoxifying blend.

4. Meditate: I know all the excuses, too busy, don’t have time, it’s stilly, I can’t focus, it goes for too long etc etc. Well, suck it up. You need it. Your body has spent way to long in Flight or Fight mode and now you need to let your body know that it’s ok. Your body needs to hear you tell it, ‘we are not going to be eaten by a dinosaur, so calm the bleep down’. There’s this whole process that stops us from burning fat for energy just because of constantly being stressed. Not cool!! So meditate. Check out Jon Gabriel and try his free 3 day challenge. Plus his voice is so soothing!

5. Breathe! I’ll admit I suck at this but I try because it is so important. James and Laurentine and Dr Libby all spoke about this yesterday and reminded me. So now I’m making a conscious effort to do it. It’s great if you get to sit down to eat a meal together in a calm, fun and relaxed environment. Anyone with kids will know it’s more like feeding time at the zoo! So try to make it a routine and something the whole family does. If this is not a possibility, well just fit it in where you can but it’s important to do it before each meal. Put your hands one of top of the other over your navel (belly button), breathing in through your nose, pause and breath out slowly. All the way out. Get rid of any older, stagnant air. Repeat at least three times unless you are super stressed then maybe 5-6 times or more. This is great before bed. I find I sleep better and am calm and just drift right off.


6.  Go outside: breathe some fresh air, get sunlight on your bare nakie skin, moon the moon or something! Being barefooted on the grass or sand or dirt or rocks will help connect you again. We are so disconnected from where we live. We need fresh air to thrive, sunlight without sunscreen (don’t even get me started) and hats and shirts (they have their place though) for at least 10mins. Close your eyes and look up towards the sun. It will tell your body you need to be awake and that its daytime, so it sets your body clock and helps you to release serotonin to improve mood – A GP once recommended this to me!! But basically, in the words of Daniel Vitalis go ReWild yourself!!

These little things will get you into the habit of thinking about what you are doing, will allow you to be present in life not just rushing around from task to task, will allow you to put yourself first even if it’s just a few mins a day (because hey it’s likely to be more than you give yourself presently – I’m assuming because that’s how I was, and my Mum is!).


xx Stacey

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