Why drink water? And how much?

We all know we need to be drinking water, right? But how much? Is there a difference in the type of water you consume? What about adding Himalayan Sea Salt to it? What about Lemon water on rising?

‘Water is by far the largest single component of the body, making up 45-75% of total body mass, depending on age and gender’ (Tortora 2011). So staying hydrated is pretty important, don’t you think so? The ways we lose fluid each day depends on our environment and activity level and disease state. We sweat during strenuous exertion or in the summer months, or during illness such as vomiting and diarrhoea. We exhale about 300mL of water vapour, we lose 100mL in faeces, the kidneys excrete 1500mLs via urine, and our skin evaporates 600mL before we even show signs of sweating (Tortora 2011). This is per day! For women, we lose an additional 100mL during menstruation.


How much to drink? Rule of thumb I have come across from various sources that has been adopted is 30mL/kg of body weight. Or at least 2.5L each and every day. Now this will leave you running to and from the bathroom quite often.

Why add Himalayan Salt? Himalayan Salt is generally from (if authentic) Khewra Mine in Pakistan. This crystalline salt is formed from the evaporation of primeval seas millions of years ago. This salt is different from Table Salt due to its mineral content. It contains the full spectrum of 84 minerals and trace elements.  There was a small study performed at Montana State Universities Health and Human Development Department, found the experimental group showed significant increases in blood and urine pH (more alkaline) and a decreased urine output, which they say ‘indicated higher levels of hydration’ (Heil 2010) = fewer trips to the bathroom!! This is something that I do, and personally I do notice a huge difference in my urine output. It’s one of those things that I have adopted because of personal experience from trialling it, rather than it being based on 100% scientific fact. Read more here.


Drinking Lemon Water on rising? Now I should clarify that usually it is warm lemon water on rising. Lemon water aids detoxification and digestion by making the liver produce bile which in turn helps the body to keep moving food through your body and GI tract smoothly. This stimulating effect on the liver helps to flush out toxins and flushes out the urinary tract due to its mild diuretic effect. It contains Vitamin C which you need for the Scurvy arghh, and helps boost the immune system. Researchers in Germany found that within 10 minutes of consuming lemon water, the subject’s metabolic rates had risen increasing their rate of burning calories (Boschmann 2003), so great in maintaining a healthy weight.


My Morning Ritual: When I get up before I even do anything for anyone, I put on saucepan of 500mL purified or spring water on the stove and warm it (not boil), and pour it into my glass. Whilst it heats I juice one whole lemon, and add a pinch of Himalayan Salt and place it in my glass and consume (the part where I do this before doing anything else was recommended to me by Bel from The Root Cause as part of self-care).

Electrolytes: Now I didn’t go into too much detail discussing how some of the minerals in Himalayan Salt are electrolytes etc, but if you want to know more I suggest you pop over and purchase Dr Brett Hill’s Paleo Electrolyte Drink ebook. It’s $2.00AU and is well worth the read.

This book saved me in the middle of the night when my 18mth old woke up with gastro at midnight, and had been slightly gastro for days, so I was able to quickly whip up this recipe in seconds and he actually drank it all up and I made some into ice-blocks for the next day. Trying to get water into a toddler at midnight was not happening, and I felt confident about giving him this.

xx Stacey

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