After attending a Gut health seminar held by Pete Evans in Sydney at the end of January, I left feeling inspired and determined to improve my health and wellbeing. The way he explained how our gut is like our 2nd brain therefor has so much influence on the way we feel and how we thrive, it just resinated with me. I then started my journey to a healthier, happier me. Continue reading

I wasn’t ready for a second baby – even though I feel like I’ve always been a mother. I didn’t think it was possible for my heart to have room for another child. Continue reading

If you had told me a few years ago I was going to be a 27-year-old single mum I would have had a quick response to that. I highly doubt that, it won’t happen to me “it’s not part of my plan”. As if everything prior had been a series of purposeful plans…Not Continue reading

EVENT: Being a Fat Adapted Athlete…


I am so super super excited to bring you this event (as part of Adelaide Paleo). This semester one of my subjects has been Sports Nutrition. We have lost half the class. It is not at all what we expected to be learning when studying sports nutrition at a natural therapy college, it is heavily dietetic based and not much is promoted in the way of real food or the alternative of being a fat adapted athlete, just lots of talk on carb loading and jelly babies….

I had been following Hayden via his instagram @irunonfat for some time and I reached out to ask more of his story and to see if he would be interested in sharing more with me and others who may be interested. I saw how committed Hayden was to this lifestyle and his successes with his athletic endeavours also so I was super excited when he said yes and when I heard more of his amazing story!!

I can’t wait for you all to hear it too!!!

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Eating habits are learned behaviours; they’re not intuitive. What children learn at home sticks with them well into adulthood.

I am lucky enough to have two amazing little people in my life. My niece and nephew are two of the most important individuals and I take the role as “Auntie Tasha” very seriously.

Making them nourishing foods that they love to eat is one of my greatest joys. When they finish a plate of my food, my heart skips a beat. I know, I need to get a cat or something.

I have total hit and misses when it comes to creating foods that they love; my niece is sometimes a little hard to crack. She has been the ‘test child’ for many of my recipes and proceeds with caution when trying my creations. Continue reading

Winning in 2017

Well, well, well it has come to 2017 and every single person I have spoken to is excited for what this year will bring. It seems everyone has big plans and expectations to fill the next 12 months. The question is though, does everyone know how to achieve all their goals and dreams?

The art of goal setting is delicate, rough, calculated, risky, scary and yet exciting all bundled into one tight little package! The act of achieving goals though, is a total different story, a rarity for some yet it is so simple to do! Here I will share with you 5 tips on how to set goals, smash goals and progress further in your life than you thought possible!

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